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About Mr John and Mr John Tours
English/Japanese speaking Guide

  • In 1990, I commenced  working as a Japanese speaking driver guide for Japanese customers in Melbourne, the city where I was born and raised.

  • In 1998, I became independent of Japanese travel agencies and established Mr John Tours with the desire to make use of my own knowledge and experience and let tourists fully  experience popular attractions in Melbourne and Victoria.

  • Currently, with nearly 30 years of experience, my  staff and I are working hard to continue providing a fun and enjoyable tour full of memories for our domestic and international customers!  ​

  • My hobbies are traveling in Australia, studying Japanese and Japanese culture (of course!),  cycling, kayaking etc.

  • As usual, I am enthusiastic to do my best in a a role as a cultural ambassador between Australia, Japan and other countries and also providing memorable tours.

  • Tourism and other activities

  • VTIC (Victoria Tourism Association) Committee Member

  • A tour operator certified by Eco Tourism Australia. Personally, I am very interested in environmental issues and am working to protect the environment, so I am working to help  reduce my own CO2 emissions  in cooperation with GreenFleet (a non-profit environmental organization).

  • Red Cross Volunteer. One world, One humanity!

  • I also have appeared on several Japanese  TV programs including ` Kazoku ni  Kampai', 'Sekai no Fushigi Hakken' and 'Pittanko Kan Kan!'

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Mr Joe とは
​English/Japanese speaking Guide
  • Name: Joe Milanese

  • D.O.B:18/11/1990

  • Hometown:Melbourne

  • Where did you study Japanese: I studied Japanese in Australia from Highschool to University. I also went on student exchanges to Chiba Prefecture (1.5 years) and Hyogo Prefecture (2-months). 

  • Reason for becoming a tour guide: Mr. John. And my desire to use and improve my Japanese!

  • Interesting Fact: Mum is from Japan and Dad is from Australia. 

  • Hobbies: Sports (Beach Volleyball, Soccer), Fitness and Japanese.

  • A message to your customers: "Hi! Thank you for deciding to join our tour in Melbourne! I am very much looking forward to meeting you and showing you around this wonderful and exciting city! Until then!"

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