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About John and Mr John Tours
English/Japanese speaking Guide

​In 1990, I began working as a Japanese-speaking driver guide for Japanese tourists in Melbourne, the city of my birth and upbringing. By 1998, I decided to break away from Japanese travel agencies and establish Mr. John Tours, driven by my desire to utilize my own expertise and offer tourists a comprehensive experience of Melbourne and Victoria's popular attractions. With nearly three decades of experience, my team and I are committed to providing enjoyable and memorable tours for both domestic and international visitors. My personal interests include exploring Australia, studying Japanese language and culture, cycling, kayaking, and more. As always, I am dedicated to serving as a cultural ambassador between Australia, Japan, and other countries, while ensuring that our tours leave a lasting impression on our guests.

In addition to my involvement in tourism, I'm honoured to serve as a committee member for the Victoria Tourism Association (VTIC). Committed to sustainable practices, I am certified by Eco Tourism Australia as a tour operator, reflecting my personal passion for environmental conservation. Collaborating with GreenFleet, a non-profit environmental organisation, I actively participate in initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions. As a Red Cross volunteer, I advocate for unity and compassion, believing in the principle of 'One world, One humanity!' Furthermore, I've had the privilege of appearing on several Japanese TV programs, including 'Kazoku ni Kampai,' 'Sekai no Fushigi Hakken,' and 'Pittanko Kan Kan!' These experiences further enrich my journey as a cultural bridge between Australia and Japan.

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About Joe​English/Japanese speaking Guide

Joe's passion for Japanese culture began at a young age, leading him to pursue a major in Japanese at Monash University. During his studies, he immersed himself in the language and culture through three student exchange trips to Chiba and Hyogo prefectures. After gaining experience in banking, Joe decided to pivot his career towards his passion and joined Mr. John Tours. Now, he plays a crucial role in the company, serving as both a tour guide and manager, leveraging his deep understanding of Japanese language and culture to enhance the travel experiences for clients.

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The Mr John Tours team! From left to right: Joe, Daisuke, John, Josh (Coldstream Hills), Yoko, Junko and Ryu.

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