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Question 1) Is it possible to participate in the tour alone?

Answer 1) Yes, this is possible. However, please be aware there are minimum numbers of total participants required to conduct a tour (generally 3 people upwards). 

Question 2) Are there child rates?

Answer 2) Children rates are available for 3 to 12 years old for all tours at AU$120.
Students aged 13 to 17 years old are also eligible for a $10 student discount upon presentation of a student card. 

Question 3) What are the other discount systems?

Answer 3) You can get a $10 discount per tour if you book directly with us online. 

Question 4) How many participants are there?

Answer 4) About 3 to 11 people. During the high season, there are many cases of 8 or more people, but during the low season, there are many times of 3 to 7 people. Unlike other tours, it is not a large group tour therefore we believe we can provide a greater level of customer service. 

Question 5) Are all the participants Japanese?

Answer 5) A large portion of our bookings are for Japanese speaking tours. However, non Japanese speakers are more than welcome to participate in these tours and our guides proficient in both Japanese and English will use both.

Question 6) Are Mr John Tours only in Japanese?

Answer 6) No, English tours are also available.

Question 7) Do you run tours every day of the year?

Answer 7) We run tours all year round with the exception of a few key public holidays such as Christmas Day. Please check this with us by e-mail or phone.

Question 8) Do penguins return to Phillip Island every night of the year?

Answer 8) Penguins will return every day of the year. However, there are some variations in the number of penguins depending on the season.

Question 9) Is the Penguins Parade cold? 

Answer 9) As the parade is conducted on the coastline and most seats are outdoors with potential winds and rains it can get cold, please check weather forecasts and prepare accordingly (layers, jackets etc). 

We also have blankets which you may like to use, please ask your tour guide on the day. 

Question 10) When will you pay?

Answer 10) If paying on the day of the tour,  your guide will collect the money at the beginning of the tour.

Question 11) Do you do pick-ups at all Melbourne City hotels?

Answer 11) If you are staying at a hotel in the CBD of Melbourne, or if you are staying at a hotel within a few kilometers, we may be able to organise a pick up for you or at a nearby location which will depend on the tour and traffic conditions.

If you are staying at a hotel away from the CBD of Melbourne, you may be asked to meet at a designated place in the CBD of Melbourne. This is the same for drop-offs. 

Question 12) Can I book more than one tour for a single day?

Answer 12) For groups of 3 or more, it is possible to combine two tours other than the Great Ocean Road Tour. For example, 1) Dandenong + Wineries, 2) Dandenong + Penguins, 3) City + Penguins, 4) Wineries + Penguins.

Please contact us for more details including a quote.

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